In-line Manufacturing Inspection

The digitization of the manufacturing process requires the availability of accurate, reliable and up to date information about the manufactured products, especially their dimensions and shape.

M3 portable is specially designed for 3D in-line inspection, allowing for precise and flexible dimensional control of all kinds of parts, regardless of their size.

Case studies



1. Real PArt Production

Real PArt Production

In-line inspection allows workers to perform inspections directly on the line to ensure the accuracy of in-process work. By using M3 portable operators are able to quickly identify defects of parts in-process.

2. Scanning


Automated scanning for in-line inspection.

3. 3d point cloud

3d point cloud

Visualization of high-fidelity 3D point cloud information for geometrical features extraction and surfaces analysis.

4. 100% Production vs Digital master part

100% Production vs Digital master part

The 3D point clouds of all parts produced are compared / matched with the digital master part to detect any possible defects.

5. Validation


Automatic validation of defect-free parts.