Reverse engineering

By using 3D scanning and reverse engineering technologies, all kind of parts can be easily and rapidly measured and analyzed. M3 portable facilitates the total quality control for your measurement processes.

Case studies

Helmet visor

Helmet visor

1. Part


In this case, a helmet visor needs to be reverse engineered using a lighter material with a better finish before the manufacturing process begins.

2. Scanning


Following a preliminary meeting to review their needs in detail, the client delivers the part to our facilities and the scanning process is started.

3. 3d point cloud

3d point cloud

In the first phase of the process, we scan the part with the M3 portable system to obtain a high quality point cloud.

4. Solid


Once the high quality point cloud is obtained and any necessary modifications to it are complete, we then convert the point cloud to CAD for client approval and to enable the manufacturing process to begin.

5. Fabrication